Don't get kicked in the ass.

Startup is a tough fight. Get a sparring partner to punch your assumptions and push you, before the market kicks you hard!

We do this

To avoid this

The market kicks hard. Get harder by sparring to defeat 3 bosses.

The "Interesting!" Boss

This monster deceives you into building right away. Then, she cuts your illusions out with her hidden scissors. Do sparring to validate question your ideas: kill&tweak them to find the one that’s worth it.

The "Feature" Boss

This shapeshifter pushes you to do many things to be liked by more people. Don’t become (a bad) anything for anyone like him! Get challenged to do one thing well with an MVP, acquire early adopters and refine on them till Problem-Solution fit.

Final Boss: The Market

Looks easy? It’s not. It will try to distract you with fuzzy ideas, drowning you in advertising costs. Hit back with Jobs to be done based marketing and product efforts. Let’s get to Product-Market fit: where you know how and what you can easily sell to whom. 


Let's go sparring to start punching the market for real!